From the deserts of Ispahan and Teheran to the colorful landscape of Toscana passing by the French Pyrénées and Brazil, CK Stones travels all around the world to find the best marble, onyx and limestone.

Selection at the source allows us to get full control on the stone. We can find a specific pattern, a specific background, we can also find blocks of stone that are appropriate for your needs, small blocks for mosaic, medium for tiles and big blocks for large bookmatches. Because we don’t work with intermediaries we can offer the best price.

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Campanili quarry in Carrara on a rainy day.
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Canalgrande quarry in Massa.
Rocamat quarry in Burgundy, France.
Limestone Block Inspection in France.
Sarrancolin quarry in the French Pyrénées
Sidobre granite quarry in France.
Fantasy Oscar marble quarry in Ispahan, Iran.
Big blocks of Fantasy Oscar marble at a quarry in Iran.
Roma Travertine quarry in Tivoli, Italy.
Carra marble block in the mountains.
The different levels of the Canalgrande quarry in Italia.
Royal Jade quarry in Brazil.
Shayan Beige marble quarry in Teheran, Iran.
Block selection of Shayan Beige marble at the quarry.

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