Marble slabs selection, cutting and installation in Changchun

marble interior design by ck stones thailand

CK Stones has provided more than 300 square meters of high grade marble and quartzite for the office and showroom of a construction company in Changchun. In this blog post we will share with you pictures of the whole process. 1/ Stone slabs selection CK Stones was involved right from the start of the project […]

An introduction to french marble by CK Stones

french marbles by ckstones thailand

French marble is a symbol of elegance and luxury, quarried in the french Hautes-Pyrenees mountains, these stones’s rich history begins thousands of years ago when the Romans first noticed their exceptional qualities. French marble is famous for its use in the most beautiful castles in the world, notably the castle of Versailles for which Louis […]

Eight elegant black marbles and quartzite for 2019

eight elegant black marbles by ck stones

Black marble is an essential element of a successful dark interior design, thanks to the complexity and infinite variations inherent to natural stone it avoids the trap of black paint that can suck the light out of your designs. The white veins of Nero Marquina or the golden veins of Nero Portoro will add contrast […]

The making of a Patagonia quartzite table by CK Stones Thailand

patagonia table by ck stones blog featured image

In this article we will show you how we made this beautiful Patagonia quartzite table and walk you through the process of ordering custom furniture with CK Stones. Patagonia is a white quartzite from Brazil with translucent crystalline areas, a great choice for a table. INSPIRATION: It began with a customer from Chongqing in China asking us to […]

Eleven trending white marble and quartzite for 2019

top ten trending white marble in 2019 by ck stones thailand

White marble never goes out of trend, it is always a must for interior design, whether it is modern architecture or classical, there is always a need for white natural stone. What the designer will discover while looking for white marble is that there are a lot of choice and the prices vary widely. With […]