From the raw blocks to the most detailed cut to size and intricate carvings, CK Stones is your wholesaler, retailer, and most faithful partner. Through the year in the industry, CK Stones has built the channel from the remote desert quarries in Iran to the colorful and stunning Carrara mountain, passing by Brazil and Pyrenees mountain in the south of France to your door. CK Stones brings the rainbow of the stone to your doorstep.

CK Stones’s factory is located in Fujian, China, Shuitou province. CK Stones is our international branding, we are known as LGJJ in China. You can visit our LGJJ showroom in Shanghai, China, Xinle Road, in the heart of the city.
CK Stones has now established an office in Thailand, to help you with all your stone needs.

ck stones marble importer in thailand


CK Stones

Our international brand



Our chinese brand

A peak inside CK Stones's factory

CK Stones uses new SIMEC and BRETON machines to bring you the best quality possible. Your marble will be polished to the highest standard.

CK Stones's Team

Gael Cambon
Operations Director

Gael has a hand in every aspect of the work, and is tasked with ensuring it all runs smoothly.
From selection at the quarry to setting budgets and installation, Gael makes sure the working site is left with job perfectly done.

Theo Koelz
MARKETING and design

Theo is responsible for our online marketing. He is our designer and 3D artist and will help you to make your project stand out. Theo is also specialized in green-walls/vertical gardens.


LGJJ showroom in shanghai

For an order, a quotation or more information, please contact us by phone EN/FR: 0806321075 ภาษาไทย: 0624712130 or by email.